“Guys” by The 1975

The titular “guys” in this song is actually a reference to The 1975 themselves. And the sentimental disposition of this tune has in fact been described, even by Matt Healy himself, as a love song. However, this is not romantic love we’re referring to here. Rather it is Matt’s love for his homeys, i.e. his The 1975 bandmates.

He goes on to recount that the fondest days of his life date back to the early years of the band, when the four of them were all sharing one apartment. This is indeed a powerful statement considering that since then they have gone on to become one of the most-popular acts in the industry.

So there isn’t much to decipher here. If a listener doesn’t take time, he or she can easily presume that Healy is singing about romance. But he lets it be known from the jump that the sentimental foundation of this song is him “missing the guys”. And the overall message is that no matter where life takes him or them collectively, it is their origins, i.e. their genuine feelings for each other, which will always be most important to him.

Lyrics of "Guys"

Facts about “Guys”

“Guys” was written by The 1975, a group which consists of M. Healy, A. Hann, R. MacDonald and G. Daniel.

Daniel and Healy also served as producers of the tune, alongside Jonathan Gilmore.

Interscope Records, Polydor Records and another label called Dirty Hit released this track on 13 May 2020. And it is actually the seventh single from The 1975’s “Notes on a Conditional Form” album. Said project is actually the band’s fourth studio album.

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