“Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied” by The 1975

For those who aren’t familiar with The 1975, it should be noted that they tend to write some pretty-deep songs. So one of the best ways to understand “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied” is by resorting to its explanation as given by the band’s frontman, Matt Healy. And to make a relatively-complex exposition simple, what he is speaking to is the tendency of musicians to front, i.e. fib, in order to please their listeners. More generally, he is criticizing the entire concept of pop artists exploiting their “poor fans”. 

Indeed Matt has been critical in the past of certain activities his colleagues in the entertainment industry do. One such activity is ‘meet and greets’ in which fans are required to cough up a wad of dough in order to directly interact with their favorite music stars. Or perhaps the best way to summarize his entire disposition is that musicians should be focused more on dropping quality music than devising crafty ways to take money from average people.

Matt Healy comes Clean

Moreover, as insinuated by the title, he is using this opportunity to come clean. For instance, at the beginning of the first verse he lets it be known, straight up, that one of his past lyrics about “f***(ing) in a car” was actually a lie. And he is doing so because now he feels that the whole situation between artists and fans, as alluded to above, is getting out of control. 

Also he feels that when popular musicians don’t keep it explicitly real they rather leave details of their lives up to the imaginations of their fandom. So basically, he is now intent on maintaining his popularity by doing two primary things. The first being presenting himself as is. The second is by filling in the holes of his own narrative as opposed to placing the burden on the media or fandom. And likewise he is encouraging his peers to adopt a similar disposition.


So all things considered “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied” reads sort of like a manifesto from The 1975. And they are putting forth something very important. And this is that celebrity musicians, like themselves, need to be more-comprehensive in their artistry and less concerned with selling an image per se.

Lyrics of "Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied"

Facts about “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied”

As usual the entire band is credited with writing this song. And The 1975 consists of Healy and the following:

  • George Daniel
  • Ross MacDonald
  • Adam Hann

This tune was officially released on the 22nd of May 2020. The 1975 released it as part of their 2020 “Notes on a Conditional Form” album. And at the time of the release of the project, this track has been singled out as being a fan favorite.

The publishers of “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied” include, Interscope Records.

Was this a single?

No. The 1975 released a total of seven official singles from the album. And they are as follows:

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