“Frail State of Mind” by The 1975

In this song, the “frail state of mind” which the singer is dealing with is actually social anxiety. Indeed as the song plays out, it is revealed that the narrator is someone along the lines of an extreme isolationist. One can say he doesn’t even like hanging out with his friends. Moreover when someone hails him on the phone, he has the tendency to do things like ignore the call and then act like he didn’t catch it. 

Reading between the lines, these behavioral patterns are actually due to him suffering from low self-esteem. And whereas his friends try to encourage him, it seems that things have reached the point where they too perceive him unfavorably. Or at least that’s his perception. 

So conclusively, we can say something like the singer has a contagious form of depression. For not only is he suffering from it, but it is so pervasive that his associates have to regularly deal with it also.

Lyrics of "Frail State of Mind"

Facts about “Frail State of Mind”

Zane Lowe premiered this song via his radio show on Beats 1 on its release date of 24 October 2019.

It is the third single from The 1975’s “Notes on a Conditional Form”, which is scheduled to drop in early 2020.

The members of The 1975 (G. Daniel, A. Hann, M. Healy and R. MacDonald) are credited as the writers of “Frail State of Mind”.

Moreover Daniel and Healy served as the co-producers of the song.

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