“Roadkill” by The 1975

The 1975’s “Roadkill” is somewhat of a confessional tune from Matt Healy. That is to say that it is autobiographical in nature, and the lyrics are more truthful than they are flattering. But in breaking them down, there are two primary sentiments being relayed.  One is that to some degree the singer is in fact chillin’. Or put differently, he’s making money living a sort of touring lifestyle which allows him different experiences. Particularly we can deduce in this case the opportunity to meet various women. 

However, at the same time he deals with a considerable degree of criticism or more specifically let’s say unfair judgment of everything from his sexual preference to his political worldview. So combining these two ideas bring us to our theoretical explanation of the title of the song, which by the way is never mentioned in the lyrics.  And that is the singer does get around alright, both in terms of physical travel and the spread of his music. And whereas doing so can be enjoyable in some instances (i.e. meeting ladies, as aforementioned), there is a big downside. The pitfall in question is that he often becomes “roadkill”, i.e. victimized, in the process. 

And even in terms of the ladies, he lets it be known that his romantic life is less than ideal. So even though the lyrics may be comical in nature, they apparently speak to actual anxieties Matt Healy experiences as a celebrity.

Lyrics of "Roadkill"

Facts about “Roadkill”

Matt wrote “Roadkill” along with his The 1975 bandmates George, Adam and Ross.

He and George also produced the tune in conjunction with Jonathan Gilmore.

This track came out – via the efforts of Interscope Records, Polydor Records and Dirty Hit – as part of The 1975’s album “Notes on a Conditional Form” on 22 May 2020.

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