“Heartbeat” by BTS

“Heartbeat” is a song in which BTS express appreciation for their fans as well as each other. Or another way of looking at it is as the Bangtan Boys individually and collectively acknowledging that their mega-success is attributable to their supporters and fellows bandmates.

This song fits well into the theme of “BTS World”, the videogame it is derived from. That game features the band members living different lives than they currently do. And likewise, in “Heartbeat” they basically imagine what their lives would be like if BTS never existed. And all things considered, they seem quite fine with the way things currently are.

The title of the song refers to BTS’ desire to keep their fans and homeys near to them. In other words, they always want these individuals to be in such close proximity that they can hear each other’s “heartbeat”. And as alluded to earlier, BTS see their union in particular, as in their meeting and teaming up with each other, as an act of “destiny”.

Lyrics of "Heartbeat"

Release Date of “Heartbeat”

BTS Worldwide officially released “Heartbeat” via Twitter on 28 June 2019 as part of the soundtrack to “BTS World”. However, it is also featured in the game itself which was released a couple of days prior, on 26 June.

This is the fourth single that had been dropped from “BTS World (Original Soundtrack)”. The previous three (“All Night“, “A Brand New Day” and “Dream Glow“) were collaborations that had select band members teaming up with outside singers. However, “Heartbeat” exclusively features all seven members of BTS.


RM is the only member of BTS credited with writing this song.  The other co-writers are:

  • Hitman Bang
  • Supreme Boi
  • Lee Hyun
  • Coyle Girelli
  • DJ Swivel (who produced the song)

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