“Heyy” by Lil Baby

Concerning the title of this song, the word heyy is apparently some type of internet slang that’s an abbreviation of ‘hey you’. 

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In the chorus of this song, Lil Baby does not use it in such a fashion but rather as a general callout term. The said chorus also does a good job of encapsulating the two main themes of this piece, which are the vocalist’s sexual conquests and basically street violence.

Overall, “Heyy” is of course braggadocious. For instance, early on we witness the rapper bragging about having dinner with “60 hoes” simultaneously and of course spending massive amounts of dough on his main squeeze.

But as this piece progresses, the subject matter gets intermixed. And indeed as it currently stands, Lil Baby is recognized as being one of the more conscious rappers out there. So along that vein, he recognizes that the streets are wild, with the up-and-coming generation of young men being preoccupied with murder.

But his advice to them is that it’s better to keep your mind right and focus on making paper than to get caught up in that street life. Furthermore, the rapper sees himself as someone who has made it in that regard. Put simply, he may appear “ghetto” to some, but those who truly recognize him know he’s a “hero”. Put simply yet again, he is someone who made it out the ‘hood to become a bonafide celebrity.

In Conclusion

So this is a pretty interesting song. On one hand, we are met with the type of, shall we say heartless boasting concerning romantic interests that mainstream rappers are known for. But on the other, Lil Baby obviously isn’t the type to use his standing solely in the name of biggin’ himself up. 

Instead, he understands that there is a real problem in the community, and for whatever it’s worth, he advises youngsters that chasing money is better than chasing opps.

Lyrics for Lil Baby's "Heyy"

Release of “Heyy”

On the 10th of October 2022, Motown, Quality Control and the vocalist’s own label, 4PF, issued this track as the second single from from the project “It’s Only Me”. This project is the third studio album of Lil Baby’s career.


Ivan Berrios, a videographer who has already worked with a couple of hip-hop A listers, directed the music video to this track.

The producers of this song – three musicians respectively known as Harto Beats, King LeeBoy and Hoops – also co-wrote “Heyy” with L. Baby.


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