“Close Friends” by Lil Baby

“Close Friends” is a 2018 hip hop song by American rapper Lil Baby. In “Close Friends”, the narrator (Baby) talks or rather raps about how he developed a close friendship with a girl, who later became his girlfriend. But sadly, in the course of their romantic relationship, things turned sour. Baby admits that the problems in the relationship are as a result of the fact that he hurt her. He now wants her to know how sorry he is and pleads with her to take him back.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lil Baby's Close Friends at Lyrics.org.

Are the lyrics of “Close Friends” autobiographical?

In April 2018, Baby reportedly confessed to cheating on his girlfriend Amour Jayda. Owing to this alleged confession, many feel the song is Lil Baby’s way of telling Jayda he is sorry for hurting her and asking for forgiveness from her. What do we think? It is possible the song’s lyrics are about that event. However, it is also possible the lyrics might be purely fiction.

Lil Baby and Amour Jayda (whose real name is Jayda Cheaves) welcomed their first child together in September 2018. Jayda is best known for being a millionaire hair mogul.

Facts about “Close Friends”

  • Lil Baby penned this track with American producer and engineer Turbo (also known as Turbo the Great). Turbo also collaborated with Baby on the track “Drip Too Hard“.
  • Turbo solely produced this track.
  • Baby and his team released “Close Friends” on October 5, 2015.
  • The track consists of an Intro, 3 Choruses, a Pre-Chorus and 2 Verses.


Which album is “Close Friends” on?

It can be found on Baby and Gunna’s 2018 collaborative album titled Drip Harder. It is the eleventh song on that album. Despite the song appearing on the collaborative album in question, it is Baby’s solo track.

Is there an official music video for “Close Friends”?

The song wasn’t released along with a music video.

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