“Moved to Miami” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Lil Baby)

Of course most people who have heard of Roddy Ricch recognize him as a successful musician. But you wouldn’t necessarily get that impression based on his artistry, as he rather tends to depict himself more along the lines of a prosperous drug dealer. 

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Or, as also inferred on this piece, hustling in such a manner is something the vocalist has been involved in since his youth, and by implication many of his friends and business associates are still into that trade. For instance, Roddy laments the condition of his cousin who is doing a bid on a drug charge, whereas said individual was involved in that enterprise in the name of taking care of his children. 

So it’s like in the ‘hoods of L.A. – i.e. the type of background where both Ricch and Lil Baby grew up in – a lot of cats may be slinging drugs not for the riches per se but rather just trying to make a living.

And whereas Lil Baby also drops such a reference in his verse, his lyrics aren’t really that occupational specific. Instead he illustrates his generous, and shall we say non-judgmental spirit, i.e. Baby’s earnings being dedicated to hitting off both his “bros” and “hos”, though the priority of course being on the former. That is to say that he actually has enough money to take care of his people and therefore does so.

Title (“Moved to Miami”)

Then concerning the title of this track, what it actually serves as is an allusion to the vocalists’ wealth, which all lyrics considered can be deemed the main topic of this song. In other words, Miami for the sake of this argument can be considered a high-end vacation city. 

Yes, we also know that the ports of the Magic City are infamous for being transport routes for illicit drugs (most notably coc–ne) into the United States. But more to the point as far as this song is concerned is that the homeys can go there at will, even relocating to such a locality if they so desire, and enjoying all the thrills of what is by all accounts a poppin’ city along with their women of choice.

"Moved to Miami" Lyrics

Release Date of “Moved to Miami”

“Moved to Miami” is the thirteenth track on the album, “Live Life Fast”. The album was released on 17th of December, 2021. It comprises 18 tracks with a total duration of 50 minutes and forty-seven seconds.

The album is the second of Roddy’s music career. It was released through the following music labels:

  • Bird Vision Entertainment
  • Atlantic Records

Prior to the album’s official release, the song, “Late at Night” was put out to promote the album. The song released in June of the same year was the only single from the album.


Ricch and Lil Baby collaborated with the below-mentioned three writers in composing the song:

  • Lucas Padulo
  • TM88
  • Lexx Darkstar

TM88, Lucas and Lexx who are well respected music producers themselves, took charge of Moved to Miami‘s song’s production.

Moved to Miami

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