“Damn Strait” by Scotty McCreery

As the story goes, this is one of only 2 tracks on the entire 12-song Same Truck playlist that Scotty McCreery did not have a hand in personally writing. However, he took an affinity to it because it serves as a cleverly-shrouded dedication to a legend in his fellow country-music genre, the long-standing George Strait. 

That’s why the title features the word strait instead of straight. But of course those two terms are homonyms, i.e. sounding the same but leading to completely different concepts. And that is how the word “Strait” is also used therein, as not only alluding to George Strait but also as wordplay, i.e. pointing to phrase ‘damn straight’.

“Damn Strait”

Now ‘damn straight’ is actually a well-known colloquialism. And the role it serves in language is basically as an empowered confirmation. But the way it is spelled in this song is as “damn Strait” instead of ‘damn straight’. And that’s because McCreery is actually, in the chorus, directly addressing George Strait. 

And the more overt purpose of all of this is to poetically lead us to what is the true thesis sentiment of this narrative is, which would most simply be the vocalist being heartbroken.

In other words, whenever he hears a George Strait song he more vividly remembers certain aspects of his relationship with his ex. This includes stuff like the color of her eyes and the first time they danced together. 

Moreover, it is later revealed that the vocalist has in fact been dumped. So now, put more simply into layman’s terms, he’s in his feelings. And then bam – a Strait tune randomly pops up on the radio, and said emotions are exacerbated. 

So it’s like ‘damn George, chill out already’. But by the practical looks of things, it’ll be a long time coming before the singer recuperates from this broken heart.

Scotty McCreery, "Damn Strait" Lyrics
What McCreery said of "Damn Strait"

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is a singer from a town in North Carolina known as Garner. His big break came when he participated on the 2011 season of the ever popular American Idol reality competition, actually coming in first place. 

And this success empowered Scotty to expeditiously set about dropping his first studio album, Clear as Day, later that year, with the project going on to top the Billboard 200.

Facts about “Damn Strait”

“Damn Strait” has an official release date of 14 September 2021. It can be found on McCreery’s fifth studio album, “Same Truck”. And the label that made this project public is called Triple Tigers.

“Damn Strait” is the second single from “Same Truck”. The first is entitled “You Time”, a song that marked Scotty McCreery’s fourth consecutive time topping the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

“Damn Strait” was written by Trent Tomlinson and Jim Collins. And the producers of the track are as follows:

  • Aaron Eshuis
  • Frank Rogers
  • Derek Wells
Damn Strait

George Strait is a country music legend who has had a long and distinguished career. The titles of a few of his many hits are interwoven into the lyrics of this song. And those would be:

  • “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” (1986)
  • “Marina del Rey” (1982)
  • “Baby Blue” (1988)
  • “Blue Clear Sky” (1996)
  • “Give It Away” (2006)
  • “I Hate Everything” (2004)

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