“It’ll Grow on Ya” by Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is a singer who is from a town located in mid-North Carolina known as Garner.  This is a locality which Wikipedia has defined “as a bedroom community” and whose population, as of 2020, is barely over 30,000 individuals. 

So even though we haven’t done any type of in-depth research into Garner, the implication would be that living there is a far cry from big city life. Or at least that’s the idea Scotty McCreery is buttressing on “It’ll Grow on Ya”.

He understands how his community, due to its old school, “simple” ways, may not appeal to many people. But what the vocalist is basically saying in that regard is don’t be fooled by appearances. For if you underestimate and actually stop in the ‘hood for any appreciable amount of time, you may find it ‘growing on you’ and accordingly lose the desire to leave.

So in a roundabout way, the purpose of this song is to illustrate that small-town life has its distinct advantages also. No, these backwoods may not be as advanced as the metropolis. But they offer the type of relatively stress-free lifestyle that anybody can ultimately appreciate.

Scotty McCreery, "It'll Grow on Ya" Lyrics

Quick Facts about “It’ll Grow on Ya”

This track was released on 17 September 2021 as part of Scotty’s sixth standard album, “Same Truck”. This project, which was issued by Triple Tigers, performed most impressively on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, where it peaked at number 10.

This is one of only a couple of songs on “Same Truck” in which Scotty did not contribute to its authoring. (The other is actually the track which proceeds It’ll Grow on Ya on the playlist, that being “Damn Strait”.) 

This piece was written by the following songwriters:

  • Jason Blaine
  • Jeremy Bussey
  • Taylor Phillips
  • Adam Wood

And fellow artists Aaron Eshuis, Frank Rogers and Derek Wells produced the track.

It'll Grow on Ya

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