“Vote” by Jhené Aiko

“Vote” was composed by Jhené Aiko alongside Marvin Prosper and Jermaine Woodhouse. It was later on produced by Mity Moase and released on October 3rd, 2020. It has been featured on the ABC comedy show, Black-ish.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Jhené Aiko's Vote at Lyrics.org.

But what are the lyrics of “Vote” about?

The song is centered around the singer’s concerns about voting or expressing her opinion in matters which could improve her life. She employs concepts that border around her everyday life when she talks about working a job, trying to pay rent, and the fear of losing a job by speaking out her mind. The verse emphasizes on her mindset, which is to exercise her franchise as a means of making her voice and desires heard. She yearns to see a massive level of change, particularly in the economy of America and her own life. By virtue of this, she is impatient to be given an opportunity to cast her vote in the ballot.

The theme of the song is quite timely since it was written and released prior to America’s 2020 presidential elections. It is her way of raising public awareness and urging many other citizens, particularly young people to hit the polls and vote for who they believe can make their nation better.

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