“Introspective” by Oliver Tree

On this track, Tree delves into his own conscious mind in an attempt to analyze his own emotions. He then presents the unstable nature of his thought patterns by admitting how he sometimes complicates and miscalculates issues by giving them too much attention. Although the writer does not specifically state the issues he is thinking about, he illustrates how he processes his thoughts over a variety of instances.

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In the chorus and first verse, we see that the narrator is trying not to waste time thinking about a particular issue. However, he can’t seem to find a solution hence resolves not to talk about it anymore. The post-chorus and the bridge also seem to refer to someone else, but in reality, this is how the narrator addresses himself when introspecting. He advises himself to do these important things:

  • control his actions
  • stop exaggerating his self-worth,

Then he concludes by saying that this whole conversation is taking place in his mind.

Release Date of “Introspective”

“Introspective” was composed and produced by Tree alongside FRND. It is a product of his maiden album titled “Ugly is Beautiful“. It’s official release date was August, 2019.

Prior to being featured on “Ugly Is Beautiful”, it was included in his third EP entitled “Do You Feel?”.

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