“Miracle Man” by Oliver Tree

In “Miracle Man”, the writer points out the drawback of waiting around for a miracle when one can simply strive to get the things they need.

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The verse seems to suggest that instead of the protagonist working towards a goal, they are stuck at talking about all the things they’d like to do. He draws a line between what a person wants and their need. In doing so, he proposes that if it was truly a need, they would have pursued it. The chorus concludes the writer’s view that people mess up their own lives when they fail to take action, yet keep wishing for things to happen to them.

Released as one of the many singles off the 2020 album, “Ugly Is Beautiful”, this track was written and produced by Oliver and David Pramik. Other outstanding singles from the project include:

Oliver Tree talks about “Miracle Man”

Oliver, explaining his inspiration behind the chorus once said that at times, what we expect to turn out as miracles end up being a disaster whereas the things we think would never materialize could turn into miracles.

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