“Joke’s on You” by Oliver Tree

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“Joke’s On You” finds Oliver Tree indirectly sharing his feelings surrounding his ‘turbo’ persona and how it has changed the scope of his music career. The intro seems to indicate how unserious it is in the first place and a subtle desire to break out of it.

The singer then suggests that the music industry is full of fake antics and he sometimes feels the need to step aside and reflect on his decisions to stay relevant. The truth he describes as hard is probably his belief that most people succeed because they don’t take things seriously and do anything crazy to garner attention. He then criticizes the industry and masses for not paying attention to quality presentation. As a tip, he tells his audience to be open-minded and not take things too seriously.

Did Oliver Tree write “Joke’s On You”?

Yes. He wrote it with two others, namely Roget Chahayed and STINT. Tree has mentioned that the song focuses on why one should never judge other people based on their looks and why you shouldn’t approach life so seriously.

When did he release this song?

It appears as the eighth track on his “Ugly Is Beautiful” 2020 album.

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