“Lasting Lover” by Sigala & James Arthur

“Lasting Lover” finds the primary narrator addressing none but an estranged lover. Or at least he is making what appears to be one final attempt to keep their relationship intact. But his lover does seem too keen on the idea, as she is under the impression that the narrator is a transient sort of partner. She prefers one that is a “lasting lover”. 

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And the singer too more or less acknowledges that he has does in fact experience difficulties in terms of enjoying a long-lasting romance. So the implication is that this current relationship falling apart is somehow his fault. But either way, he has apparently been left heartbroken and confused in the aftermath.

“Lasting Lover” reached number one in Scotland and also on a UK-based chart called The Official Big Top 40. And as far as the UK Singles Chart itself, it made it into the top 10.

The writing team behind this song is large. Some of the members of the team include Sigala, James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi. And it is Scottish pop singer Capaldi who is recognized as the initial author, having written “Lasting Lover” with the intent of featuring it on his first album, which came out in 2019. However, he eventually sent it to DJ Sigala to be reworked, who then recruited James Arthur to serve as the vocalist.

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