“Forget Me” by Lewis Capaldi

In relation to the dropping of “Forget Me”, Lewis Capaldi offered what has to be one of the most-entertaining song backdrops by the actual singer/songwriter we’ve ever come across. He also got pretty frank during his lengthy explanation. 

As relayed, he admits that this track isn’t breaking any new ground, nor is it the best in his catalog. But he still feels it’s better than some of the other stuff out there. Furthermore, Lewis also has contract obligations to live up to, thus implying that he issued this song primarily for commercial purposes. And in his case that wouldn’t be the worst decision, since Capaldi has established a multi-platinum standard for himself.

So if we too get to concluding that this piece is, from a lyrical perspective, your standard heartbreak fare, then know what we’re not just being simplistically judgmental. Indeed, logic would dictate that there’s only so many ways you can poetically flip a broken heart to begin with.

Don’t forget me!

But that said, this case is, honestly, quite different. Yes, the conclusive sentiment can be taken as the vocalist missing his ex, the addressee, as well as we can say wanting her back. But Lewis expresses this in a unique way, i.e. via a strong desire that she never forget him. And apparently the way he knows, even after “two years”, that the addressee still thinks about him is because she still has a tendency to ‘drag his name through the dirt’ and do other things to let the singer know that her hatred for him is still alive and kicking. 

In other words, he has learned to derive pleasure from her hatred, since it verifies that she hasn’t erased him from her memory outright. And that’s because being ‘forgotten’ by her is a fate too painful for Lewis to conceptualize.

So Capaldi was spot-on in affirming that ultimately, this is your standard case of a dude kicking himself for losing the woman he loves. That is to say the vocalist seems to agree that the addressee’s aforementioned hatred of him is justified. But in his mind, at least the situation isn’t such she is ignoring his existence altogether.

Lewis Capaldi's "Forget Me" Lyrics

Release of “Forget Me”

With this track being released on 9 September 2022, it is the first that Lewis Capaldi has dropped since those associated with his 2019 studio album, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”. 

In announcing the release of this track, Capaldi did acknowledge the passing of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). The Queen died just a day before the track’s release after ruling his homeland, the United Kingdom for over 70 years.

A hilarious billboard advertising the release of “Forget Me”


Capaldi wrote “Forget Me” himself. According to him, this is a track that is very dear to his heart. He also referred to it as being about a real life break up he went through.

Lewis Capaldi talks about the meaning of "Forget Me"

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  1. Gary says:

    The video is very similar to club Tropicana

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this song is narcissistic. Wish we could get it off the radio

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