Lewis Capaldi’s “Grace” Lyrics Meaning

Some people interpret this song, which references Christian ideologies such as “salvation” and more-importantly “grace”, as an expression of Lewis Capaldi’s religious beliefs. However, such does not necessarily seem to be so. Rather, in Capaldi’s own words, it is centered on an individual he reveres, one with the transformative ability to make a person forsake “the rubbish in his life”.

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Indeed via the first verse of the song we find that this is someone who Lewis cannot get out of his “mind”, even when apparently he makes a conscientious effort to do so. And he expresses the same thing in the second verse, that he is always thinking about this person. Moreover he desires to find a “common ground”, as in get closer, to this individual.

In the pre-chorus in particular is where we are enlightened to the impact this person has had in the singer’s life as opposed to Lewis’s feelings for him. He has saved Capaldi from imminent destruction.  And in response, Capaldi does not want to disappoint him by proving to be a ‘mistake’, as in someone who has not lived up to this person’s “grace”, which has resulted in the singer’s “salvation”.

Thus the chorus itself is based on Capaldi entreating this individual not to take his “grace” away. This can be easily interpreted, within the context of the whole song, as an expression of Lewis’s dependency on this favor. But these earnest pleas can also be understood as the singer feeling that he is not worthy of receiving such.

So in summation, we see that the singer has found someone who has a purifying effect on his life, a person who is indeed reaching down in order to do so. And in response, it is Capaldi’s heartfelt longing to never lose this individual’s “grace”.

Lyrics of "Grace"

Facts about “Grace”

  • Capitol Records released “Grace” (via digital download) on 21 September 2018. On the same day, the music video to the song also premiered on YouTube.
  • “Grace” peaked at number-21 on the UK Singles Chart.
  • Edd Holloway and Nick Atkinson are the duo who produced this track. They also get co-writing credits along with Lewis Capaldi.
  • “Grace” is featured on Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (2019).

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