“Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)” by Nicki Minaj & Skeng

“Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)” is a (practically) all-female rap/dancehall track spearheaded by Nicki Minaj. Moreover, you may have noticed that the cover art to The Fine Nine Remix is highlighted by a gang of half-nude women crouching to expose their semi-spread butt cheeks. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Nicki Minaj & Skeng's Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix) at Lyrics.org.

It does not appear that said asses are those of the featured artists. But those familiar with what all of the above entail would then also have a solid understanding of what this song is about.

So basically, what we are met with once again is feminized braggadocious rap/reggae. And what that means in context is that first of all “likkle miss” – or ‘little miss’, as it would be put in more standard English – is a designation that all of the vocalists adopt. And what that basically means in context is that they are akin to top-notch ladies.

As such, the featured boastings for the most part fall into two categories. Either the ladies are speaking to their physical attractiveness / sexual prowess, or they are engaging in lyrical gunplay. 

Nicki Minaj commences the track upon the latter regard, letting opps know that she doesn’t even need a crew to run up on them like that.

Meanwhile as far as the chorus, as held down by Skeng, goes, actually it’s rendered in some pretty-heavy patois. But he is discernible that he is addressing a “gyal” whom he has a very-strong sexual attraction to.  And to note, the original “Likkle Miss” appears to along those same lines, i.e. a song of sexual infatuation, if you will.

"Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)"

Facts about “Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)”

The original “Likkle Miss” is a song that Skeng, a dancehall artist from Jamaica, dropped earlier in 2022. He has apparently been industry active since 2020 and appears to be down with a label called Hapilos. 

But outside of that there isn’t much information about him readily available, meaning that, all things considered, he is an up-and-coming artist.

“Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)” was released on 6 October 2022, backed by these labels:

  • UMG
  • Young Money Entertainment
  • Republic Records

On The Fine Nine Remix, Skeng’s vocal contribution comes in the form of the chorus. So logic would dictate that the reason this track is subtitled so is because Nicki decided to feature eight female co-vocalists, i.e. they collectively being “the Fine Nine”. 

And to note, Minaj traces her own parentage back to Trinidad and Tobago. A couple of her co-stars on this piece, Destra Garcia and Patrice Roberts, are also from Trinidad. Meanwhile Lady Leshurr hails from the UK, London Hill from the US. Finally Lisa Mercedes, Spice, Pamputtae and apparently Dovey Magnum are all from Jamaica.

All 10 of the vocalists are credited with writing this song alongside the below:

  • Antonio Lynch
  • Rowan Melhado
  • Sebastian Loers
  • DiTruth Records
  • Droptop Records

The latter two entities, which are labels, are acknowledged as the producers of “Likkle Miss”.

It does not appear as if any of the featured vocalists have teamed up with Nicki Minaj before. However, she did drop the original Likkle Miss (Remix) with Skeng during August of 2022.

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