“Lonely and F**ked Up” by The Kid Laroi

Yes dear reader, as the title indicates The Kid Laroi is in fact “lonely and f**ked up” during this outing. As one of the last viable remnants of the emo generation, this is the disposition we have come accustomed to via The Kid. And as usual, he seems to be attributing his less-than-favorable state to a failed romance with the woman he loves.

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Indeed even though it would appear that homegirl is long gone, he can still ‘feel her soul’ nearby. This is just a fancy way of saying that he misses her. And Laroi also implies in the first verse that the two of them have already been broken up for “some years” now. 

This supports a theory we put forth earlier, that The Kid has a tendency to portray a role as opposed to speaking to his personal experiences. In other words, based on that assertion, with him currently being 17 years old we don’t know exactly what age he’s supposed to have been when his heart got broken as so. 

But more to the point is the simple idea that the vocalist just can’t get over his ex. And in that regard he seems to further imply that he has resorted to drug abuse in the name of mitigating the emotional pain.

So Lonesome

So we know the fundamental reason why the singer is “lonely and f*cked up”. But as the chorus reveals, this is more than a standard case of being brokenhearted. Rather The Kid’s life is a lonely one in general. He also appears quite pitiful in the way he presents himself as someone who ‘only wants to be loved’ and who has “nobody to trust”. 

So as depicted, it’s like the vocalist’s ex was his only true friend. And based on such an understanding, it becomes more evident why he is having such a hard time getting over her.

We can also postulate, based on the second verse, that the vocalist is not quite sure why he and his ex broke up in the first place. But before the passage concludes, he also insinuates that he “was wrong” somehow, as in his own actions being the impetus which led to such. 

Yet concurrently, in terms of what it is wrong he did exactly, that’s something which Laroi seems unable to precisely pin down. Perhaps such confusion is to be expected when you fall in love and subsequently get your heart broken at like 14 years old. 

But either way, he has now resorted to booze and prayer in what appears to be a fruitless attempt to get over the emotional pain. And so it is as the song climaxes, with the vocalist noting that he’s ‘still as lonely and f**ked up’ as he’s been pretty much since they parted ways.

Lyrics to "Lonely and Fucked Up"

The Kid Laroi

As noted earlier The Kid Laroi, hailing from New South Wales, Land Down Under, is 17 years old as of the issuance of this track. But with a release date of 27 July 2021, The Kid will turn 18 just a few weeks afterwards, on 17 August.

“Lonely and F**ked Up”

This song was co-written and co-produced by Taz Taylor, Cxdy and Nick Mira. And of particular note is that Nick Mira has contributed to the composition of few of the late Juice WRLD’s biggest hits (as well as the late XXXTentacion’s own mega-successful F**k Love track, which came out in 2017). 

And as you may already know, The Kid Laroi’s style has been directly influenced by Juice WRLD (1998-2019), who served as his musical mentor and even homey shortly before passing away.

Kid Laroi also gets writing credit for “Lonely and F**ked Up.  Moreover, Alec Wigdahl and Rio Leyva served as additional producers.

This track is derived from the deluxe edition of The Kid Laroi’s third mixtape, F*ck Love 3: Over You.  And the overall project was put out by Columbia Records alongside Sony Music Entertainment.

Lonely and Fucked Up

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the story in this song how ones soul is so hurt and beat up bc he let her go

  2. Betrayed Wife says:

    I hate this song… it reminds me of my husband’s affair and the other woman who is was happy to help him wreck our home

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