“Thousand Miles” by The Kid LAROI

“Thousand Miles” can perhaps be considered a love song, albeit of the emo variety which The Kid Laroi is known for. The narrative being presented isn’t that wordy but does manage to say quite a lot. And what’s going down is that the addressee is a romantic interest, most likely someone the vocalist has an established relationship with. Indeed, the lyrics read very much as if she is someone he loves and vice versa.

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But alas, going back to the emo leanings of the song, the thesis sentiment being put forth actually revolves around the vocalist advising the addressee to “stay a thousand miles away” from him. He is making such a statement for two reasons. First is that, Laroi has obviously come to the conclusion he is a toxic partner and therefore someone whom the addressee should avoid. Secondly, if she does come around, then he too proves powerless to resist her.

So again, there’s really no choice but to conclude that this is a love song. For at the end of the day, even though there appears to be a palpable reason – in the vocalist’s eyes in the very least – for this romance to come to an end, evidently the two lovebirds cannot resist each other.

The Kid LAROI, "Thousand Miles" Lyrics

Release of “Thousand Miles”

“Thousand Miles”, which was made public on 22 April 2022, is Laroi’s first release of this year. 

Laroi first teased this track back in January of 2021. His first performance of it was also well before its release, in August of the same year. In fact the issuance of “Thousand Miles” may have been expedited by the fact that it reportedly leaked a few months before Laroi’s people officially released it, as it seems they may have been reluctant to do so beforehand.

At the time of its release, this song was reported to be part of The Kid’s debut studio album. The project in question has been announced as being titled “Kids Are Growing Up”.


This track was produced by American musician Louis Bell. Bell also co-wrote the song with The Kid and Billy Walsh.

Some More Interesting Facts!

Interesting to note is that in teasing this song, Laroi used the opportunity to take a jab at Scooter Braun, aka Justin Bieber’s long-time manager, whom The Kid was briefly signed to in 2021.

As of the turn of the 2020s, Laroi, whose discography commenced in 2018, can be considered the top hip-hop based artist from Australia. For instance, his 2021 collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Stay“, was a Billboard Hot 100 chart topper and major hit internationally.

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