Madison Beer’s “Stained Glass” Lyrics

“Stained Glass” is an emotional song from American singer Madison Beer. Actually the song is based on a dark episode in her life. Throughout the lyrics, Madison implores the addressee to be careful how they treat her because unlike others she has a skin “made of glass”. This is a metaphor she is using to let the addressee know that she is easily hurt or broken by negative criticism.

She begins the song’s chorus by first of all stating the aforementioned. And she goes on to tell the addressee that while her skin is “made of glass”, this glass isn’t perfect (i.e. “it’s stained”). And owing to the stains on her skin’s glass, it makes it so easy for the addressee to see “the cracks” (i.e. her imperfections or flaws) and criticize her. However, she is imploring the recipient of her message to look beyond her imperfection (“the cracks”) and notice her pain instead. She hopes that doing so would make the addressee understand the things she’s gone through. And hopefully he/she would be more gentle with her in terms of the way he/she says negative things about her.

That being said, she goes on to warn the person(s) she is talking to that if they ignore her earlier pleas and throw one more stone at her, she’d be forced to stay as far away as possible from them in order to save herself from breaking.

Lyrics of "Stained Glass"

Madison Beer talks about “Stained Glass”

According to Madison, this song was written at a very dark point in her life. She referred to that dark point as a time when was battling with mental issues. She therefore wrote the song to both the general public and the people close to her in the hopes that they would be more gentle with her and people like her.

Madison Beer talks about "Stained Glass"

Writing Credits

Madison Beer penned and produced “Stained Glass” with the writers and producers mentioned below:

  • One Love
  • Kinetics
  • Big Taste

Date of Release

Madison’s management (including Epic Records) released this song as a single on April 3rd, 2020. It is actually officially the third single Madison released from her maiden album (“Life Support”). The first two singles from “Life Support” are as follows:

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