“Life’s a Mess” by Juice WRLD & Halsey

Juice WRLD and Halsey’s “Life’s a Mess” finds them dealing with two primary topics. First, they talk about the challenges and problems they are forced to deal with in life. Second, they express their profound appreciation for their respective lovers, who bring them heaven in the midst of hell. In other words, their lovers are very important to them as they help them to easily traverse the overwhelming trials and tribulations of life. Simply put, without these special people, life for our narrators would be devoid of happiness.

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Owing to this, the narrators are beyond grateful that they met their significant others in this lifetime. And they use the lyrics of the song to show this gratitude.

“I thank God I finally found you”

Is this Halsey’s first collaboration with Juice WRLD?

No. Prior to this collabo, Halsey had worked with Juice before. Actually said collaboration, which was the pair’s first, was on the remix of Halsey’s hit tune “Without Me“. This therefore marks the pair’s second official collaboration.

On an Instagram post, Halsey shed some light on this song and their collaboration. According to her, there are a number of great people she’s been fortunate to know in this lifetime, and she considers the late Juice one of these people. Among others, she referred to the late rapper as “a beautiful soul” whose objective was to spread love.

Halsey talks about Juice WRLD

Release of “Life’s a Mess”

July, the 6th of 2020 was the day “Life’s a Mess” was officially released. It is one of the singles from Juice’s posthumous “Legends Never Die” album.

The release of “Life’s a Mess” was preceded by two other singles from the aforementioned project. Said singles are:

And to promote “Life’s a Mess”, Halsey surprised her fans by sharing a picture of the back of her hand clearly showing a tattoo of the song’s title and the numbers “999”. It should be noted that the number “999” is Halsey’s way of paying tribute to Juice WRLD who also had a “999” tattoo on his wrist.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And people say rap doesn’t mean something and they just talk about crime and killing people.

  2. cjthabeatmaker says:

    Yeah, Juice WRLD was “Brought here to lead the lost souls and he definitely did it. RIP

  3. Itzamydiamond says:

    Yeah Juice Wrld was brought to lead the lost souls of which he did it

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