“Hate The Way” by G-Eazy

G-Eazy features American songwriter and singer, blackbear, on “Hate The Way” – a song which talks about a guy who’s losing his sanity due to the absence of his lover. The composer creates a scenario where he has been separated from his lover after some misunderstanding.

The title, “Hate The Way”, is used to explain how the current situation has left him in an uncomfortable state and how much he wishes he can get out of it. In order to convince his lover to return, the singer admits his past mistakes and pleads with her not to believe everything she hears. This is when G-Eazy cites his legal issue in 2018 where he was arrested for engaging in a violent argument in Sweden. He ends by saying that he really hates the manner that he always misses his lover.

This song was released in October 2020, with the artistes credited for co-penning down the the song. The producers (Mike Crook and Ryan OG) also co-wrote this.

The track is part of G-Eazy’s album entitled “These Things Happen Too”.

Initial plans were to have the late American rapper, Juice WRLD, on this track, but things changed.

Is this G-Eazy’s first collaboration with blackbear?

No. Prior to this, both blackbear and G-Eazy had collaborated on multiple occasions in the past. For example, they worked together on a 2014 G-Eazy track titled “Remember You”.

2 Responses

  1. Bloddy says:

    This song I think about halsey

  2. Anonymous says:

    This song almost sounds like him quitting a certain drug just like logics song Nikki

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