Meaning of “Be My Mistake” by The 1975

“Be My Mistake” is a song from the English band The 1975’s 2018 album titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Speaking with Pitchfork magazine, Matthew “Matty” Healy explained what the lyrics of the song really are about. According to him, the song focuses on guilt.

He went on to elaborate by saying the song is about being young and struggling to understand what you really want for yourself in life. And in the course of doing so, you end up making mistakes, which is perfectly okay.

Here are Matty’s exact words to Pitchfork regarding this song’s meaning:

Matty Healy on the meaning of "Be My Mistake"


Aside explaining the song’s meaning, Matty also talked about what inspired its sound. According to him, the acoustic sound of “Be My Mistake” was inspired by the works of the late English singer-songwriter Nick Drake. Drake committed suicide in 1974. He was only 26 years old at the time of his shocking demise.

"Be My Mistake" lyrics

Facts about “Be My Mistake”

  • All four members of The 1975 (Healy, Hann, MacDonald and Daniel) co-wrote “Be My Mistake”. However, the production was done by Healy and Daniel.
  • The song consists of two verses, two pre-choruses and two choruses.
  • The phrase “be my mistake” (which also happens to be the title of the song) appears approximately three times throughout the lyrics.
  • This song is the sixth track on the 2018 album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The album in question is The 1975’s third studio album.

Did the band release “Be My Mistake” as a single?

No. A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships was preceded by five singles, including “Sincerity Is Scary“. This track wasn’t one of them.

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