Meaning of “Avalanche” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Avalanche” encourages listeners to live life fully. It warns us all to act swiftly in terms of living life to the fullest to avoid being caught in life’s “avalanches.” It brings up feelings of confusion and a search for guidance amidst chaos, hinting at a violent scenario with references to “crimes” and “battles.”

Despite the dramatic and intense scenarios painted by the lyrics, the song maintains a hopeful tone, emphasizing rebirth and the possibility of rising anew from hardships.

Living Life Fully

In the beginning and end of the song, the lyrics encourage listeners to fully embrace life and rise from difficulties. “Setting the world on fire” and “rising from the ashes” paint a picture of renewal and courage. It urges people to live boldly, suggesting that even from devastation, something new and beautiful can arise.

Warning and Encouragement

The chorus is a powerful warning and encouragement to the listeners. It tells them to be quick and decisive – to “run fast” to avoid getting “caught in the avalanche.” The mention of “breaking some rules” and never saying “no” indicate a need for a rebellious spirit to truly succeed and find one’s own “Neverland”, a place of freedom and dreams.

Searching for God

Here, the lyrics express a deep sense of loss and confusion, calling out to God while mentioning “crimes” and “sins.” This part reflects a feeling of being lost and in search of guidance amidst chaos and collective suffering. It seems to describe a chaotic, perhaps violent, situation where everyone is “covered in blood from the battles.”

Rising from the Ashes

In this part, the lyricist encourages individuals not to let life pass by and to seize the moment, opening their eyes to the opportunities and beauty that life offers. “From the ashes, you will rise” suggests a theme of rebirth, echoing the Phoenix rising renewed from its own ashes, emphasizing a sense of hope and regeneration even in tough times.

“Avalanche” Chorus Reiteration

Towards the end of the song, the chorus is reiterated, emphasizing the need to act quickly to avoid the dangers represented by the “avalanche.” It is a call to action, encouraging listeners to run fast and be decisive to avoid getting caught in adverse situations, potentially those brought about by one’s own hesitations or fears. It pushes for a forward momentum in life, possibly to avoid regrets and missed opportunities.

“Better run fast or get caught in the avalanche (Oh)
Gotta break some rules if you ever wanna win the game (Oh)
Never say no, never ever get to Neverland (Oh)
Better run fast or get caught in the avalanche (Hey)”

Who wrote “Avalanche”?

This was written by Shannon Leto alongside Jared Leto.

When was “Avalanche” released?

This officially came out on 15th September, 2023. It is from an album titled “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day”. The said album is the band’s sixth studio album.


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