“Stuck” by Thirty Seconds To Mars

All things considered, it can be argued that Thirty Seconds to Mars is made most notable due to the act being fronted by Hollywood A-lister Jared Leto. But this band, which currently consists only of Jared and his older brother Shannon, has experienced legitimate musical success throughout the years. 

For example, their most-recent album, 2018’s “America”, reached second place on the Billboard 200. And their most-recent (non-collaborative) single, “Rescue Me” (2018), performed moderately well on a couple of Billboard charts.

So it is with eager anticipation that fans are currently looking forward to the band’s sixth-studio album, It’s the “End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day”, which is slated to be released through Concord Records in September of this year. But for now we have been treated to the project’s lead single, “Stuck”, which came out on 8 May 2023.


Jared Leto is multi-talented entertainer, producing and writing “Stuck” alongside John Ryan and Ammar Malik. Shannon Leto and Oscar Neidhardt are also acknowledged as co-producers, and the other writer of the song is Jacob Kasher. Also, Jared acted as its video director, describing the clip as being a ‘love letter to some of his favorite photographs’, amongst other things.


What is soundly ascertainable from these lyrics is the fact that the vocalist is “stuck” on the addressee.  What that means in context is that he has become romantically dependent on ‘the way she moves’.  Indeed, upon first making physical contact, Jared knew that she was the one.

Beyond the title/chorus, the other aspects of this relationship he sings about are up to listener interpretation. For example, in the pre-chorus the vocalist put forth that the apple of his eye is a liar, but he “loves” that aspect of her personality, as her doing so ensures that “don’t find somebody new”. 

So taking such comments into consideration, let’s conclude by saying that all lyrics considered, the vocalist’s sweetheart may be less-than-ideal. But he has come to relish her elusiveness as part of the total package, which most importantly includes the amorous side of their relationship.

“It’s the way you move
It’s the way you move
Ooh, ooh-ooh
I knew I’d stay with you after just one touch
The way you move has got me

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shannon is Jared’s older brother not “little brother”

  2. Plus500 says:

    So, who is this ghost one that is his love?.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this song and video!
    It’s AWESOME!!!!
    I can’t wait until they release this album!!!!

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