Meaning of “Get Up Kid” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Get Up Kid” by Thirty Seconds to Mars delves into themes of heartbreak, resilience, and hope. Despite going through hard times, including a painful breakup, the singer encourages themselves to keep going, hinting at a spirit of resilience and the possibility of better days ahead. The recurring phrase “get up kid” is a cry for perseverance, urging the listener to remain hopeful even when facing personal and emotional challenges.

Heartbreak and Resilience

In the first part of “Get Up Kid”, the singer mentions a painful time in their life characterized by heartbreak and personal challenges. Despite facing a tough time, especially feeling like “God broke my heart,” they are determined to keep going, hinting at a spirit of resilience and the courage to “climb up the walls” — to overcome barriers and keep moving forward.

Bittersweet Love

In this segment, the artist shares the painful part of loving someone who eventually leaves. Despite the heartbreak and feeling “knocked off my feet,” there is a determination to rise again, encouraging oneself to “get up kid” and not give in. The imagery paints a picture of loss yet holds a powerful message of self-motivation and hope that something better is “around the bend.”

Memories of Happier Times

Here, the lyrics reflect on a happier time spent in love, indulging in pleasures, and “getting high.” Even though they experienced great joy, they couldn’t escape the harsh realities of life and faced heartbreak again. The phrase “God broke my heart but life ain’t got any laws” portrays a realization of life’s unpredictability and lack of control over certain situations.

Encouragement and Motivation

The chorus repeated here emphasizes encouragement and motivation. The “get up kid” phrase is a rallying cry, encouraging the listener not to give up despite failures (“swing and a miss”) and to find the strength to stand again. The mention of “life’s around the bend” suggests hope and a belief that better days are coming.

Facing Inner Demons

In this part of the song, there is a struggle with inner demons and conflicting emotions. There is an acknowledgment of not wanting to “live like this” but an acceptance that there are things worth fighting and even “dying” for. It reflects a complex emotional state of not wanting to endure pain but recognizing that some things are worth the sacrifice.

Final Note of Encouragement

The song concludes with a repeated encouragement, urging the “kid” to “get up.” It acknowledges the situation where “the lights are on but your heart ain’t home,” indicating a feeling of emptiness and loss. Yet, the message remains hopeful, pushing for resilience and the courage to keep going, to “get up” and face life head-on. It’s a powerful note to end on, suggesting that even in the midst of darkness, one can find the strength to continue.

“Get up, kid, don’t give in
Waited your whole life for this
Get up, kid, swing and a miss
But life’s around the bend
When the lights are on, but your heart ain’t home
Get up, kid
Gеt up, kid”

Release Date of “Get Up Kid”

Issued on June 14 of 2023, the song “Get Up Kid” serves as the second single from Thirty Seconds to Mars’ sixth studio work entitled “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day”.

Writing and Production

The song’s writing and production credits go to Shannon and Jared Leto, both of whom are part of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. They received additional support from the following artists:

  • Ammar Malik
  • Jackson Wise

Record engineer Oscar Neidhardt also contributed to the production of this song.

Get Up Kid

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