Meaning of “Love These Days” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Love These Days” explores the complex and often contradictory emotions associated with modern love, describing it as both “fucked up” and “fake.” The lyrics narrate the turbulence of a romantic relationship, characterized by conflicts, broken promises, and a cycle of heartbreak. Despite the disillusionment expressed, the song also touches upon moments of joy and the deep-seated desire to hold onto love, even if it seems in vain.

Disillusioned Perspective on Love

The song begins with a reflection on the current state of love, describing it as “strange,” “fucked up,” and “fake.” The singer seems disillusioned by what love has become in the modern age, highlighting the cycle of heartbreak and the perceived inauthenticity of romantic relationships today. The phrase “getting higher on heartbreak” might imply that people are addicted to the drama and pain that sometimes accompanies love.

Conflicted Relationships

In this part of the song, we delve into a relationship where there seems to be conflict and misunderstanding. The female figure demands a grand gesture of apology, yet doubts the sincerity behind it. This section portrays the instability and the arguments that seem pointless, with the realization that they are “holding onto nothing” just to “feel something,” illustrating a relationship hanging by a thread.

Promises and Desperation

Here the singer mentions promises made to never lie and to be there “do or die.” Despite these heavy promises, there is a recognition of running out of time, pointing towards a relationship that is spiraling downwards. This part could be painting a picture of desperation and perhaps a willingness to do anything to save what is left of the relationship.

Mixed Emotions

Towards the end of the song, the singer expresses feeling “broken and tired of love,” indicating a deep fatigue and perhaps disillusionment with love. Yet, contradictorily, they also mention that “today is the greatest day I’ve ever known,” showing a conflicting emotion of experiencing joy possibly because of love. This section portrays the rollercoaster of emotions that can be experienced in relationships — moments of deep sorrow followed by moments of joy.

Conclusion: A Strange Perception of Love

As the song concludes, the chorus is repeated, emphasizing the singer’s perspective on love in the present time. The repetitive note of love being “strange,” “fucked up,” and “fake” in today’s context, is a poignant commentary on modern relationships. The ending keeps echoing this sentiment, pointing to a deeply confused and perhaps cynical view of love.

“I think that it’s so strange what we call love these days
Kinda f–ked up and fake
What we call love these days
Gettin’ higher on heartbreak, don’t do the pain
Kinda f–ked up and fake
What we call love these days”

Release Date of “Love These Days”

“Love These Days” is part of the tracklisting of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ 2023 studio project named “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day”. This track, which dropped on September 15 of 2023, is the fifth song on the playlist of said project.

Who wrote “Love These Days”?

The following musicians are credited as the songwriters behind “Love These Days”:

  • Shannon Leto
  • Ori Dulitzki
  • Jared Leto
  • Natania Lalwani
Love These Days

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