Meaning of “How Did I Get Here” by Offset (ft. J Cole)

“How Did I Get Here” features Offset expressing amazement over the fact that he rose from such humble beginnings to become the highly-successful entertainer he is today.

Or at least that’s the topic of the song based on the chorus. When it comes to Offset’s actual verse, despite the overall impressiveness of his lyricism, there really isn’t much there besides what you usually find in his raps. The lyrics largely center on his wealth, superiority and drug consumption. That said, he also does delve deep into his street origins. In doing so, he mentions the environment he grew up in, with this setting being highlighted by gun violence and drug dealing. He also ends the verse by alluding to the overall theme of the track, once again expressing amazement of how he “made it out the jungle without a scratch”.

J. Cole’s Verse

The verse of J. Cole, arguably more-talented lyrically than even Offset, follows a more-fluid progression from his past to his current situation. For instance, he reminiscences on the days when his mom was so deep in the hole that he was afraid to answer the phone for fear of a debt collector being on the other end. But now he is able to brag about his “superstar” status, especially when it comes to scoring babes.

Lyrics of "How Did I Get Here"

Facts about “How Did I Get Here” 

  • Writer(s): “How Did I Get Here” was written by its performers, J. Cole and Offset.
  • Producer(s): Metro Boomin and Dre Moon are responsible for the song’s production.
  • Album/EP: This track is featured on Offset’s 2019 debut solo album called Father of 4. Notable songs such as “Red Room“, “Father of 4” and “Legacy” also appear on this album.
  • Release Date: This song was released on 22 February 2019.
  • Record Label: The labels behind the creation and release of this track are Quality Control Music, Motown and Capitol Records.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: The cover art for Offset’s Father of 4, the album this song is featured on, has Offset seated surrounded by his four small children – Jordan, Kody, Kalea and Kulture. As of the time the picture was taken, the ages of his children ranged from 7 months to 9 years old.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: “How Did I Get Here” marked Offset’s first ever collaboration with J. Cole.

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