“2 Seater” by YBN Nahmir (ft. G-Eazy & Offset)

The title (“2 Seater) of this YBN Nahmir song is a reference to a two-seater motorvehilce, i.e. a sports car. And it would be an expensive one indeed, as one of the main themes of this track is the artists’ wealth. Or more to the point, from Nahmir and G-Eazy’s perspective, the 2-seater allows them the opportunity to hook up with “hot” ladies. And the ultimate goal is to have a relationship akin to noncommittal affair with them. 

Such a lifestyle is also the primary subject matter of Offset’s verse – that and various allusions to his wealth, of course. Also there are a couple of references scattered throughout, pointing to the idea of the artists being gun-toters. But in summation, the title lends to two ideas. One is that the featured vocalists are indeed paid. And second is that they are going to use their wealth to, succinctly put, pickup women.

Lyrics of "2 Seater"

Facts about “2 Seater”

“2 Seater” marks the first time YBN Nahmir has teamed up with Offset.  However, G-Eazy featured YBN on his 2018 track “1942”.

The producers of “2 Seater” are Hitmaka, Go Grizzly and Smash David. The trio also co-wrote the song in conjunction with G-Eazy, Nahmir and Offset.

This track was released on 19 March 2020. It is expected to be featured on YBN’s second studio album.

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