“Father of 4” by Offset (featuring Big Rube)

Being the title track from the album it is featured on by the same name, “Father of 4” has Offset reflecting on his thus far nine years of experience with fatherhood.

The track begins with an intro by spoken-word rapper Big Rube, in which he recites a poem from Offset’s perspective. The verse basically centers on how Offset is more than what people perceive him as.  Indeed Rube argues that beyond being a mainstream “artist”, Offset is a committed family man who takes his responsibilities as both a rapper and father seriously.

Then we are treated with the first stanza by offset himself in the form of a chorus. In it, he mentions the fact that he had his first child, Jordan, at the age of 17. At that time, he was broke, confused and unemployed. He then apologizes to Jordan for not always being there when he should have. He also mentions his second son, Kody, who is a big fan of his and indeed already displays rapping skills like his dad.

Offset’s verses are equally personal. The first is dedicated to his daughter Kalia. He admits that there was a time when he wasn’t even sure if she was actually his and also that he and her mother were never really close. Additionally, he mentions some of the challenges he had in the early stages of her life. And the second verse is devoted to all four of his seeds but with a special emphasis on Kulture, his second daughter. Offset promises to do his wealth-induced best to take care of them and gives a shoutout to his late grandmother and Kulture’s baby mama, rap superstar Cardi B, although he doesn’t mention her by name. He concludes the verse by asking the Almighty to watch over his children.

Father of 4 lyrics

Facts about “Father of 4” 

  • Writer(s): Two songwriters, including Offset wrote “Father of 4”. The other songwriter is Big Rube (who is also featured on the track).
  • Producer(s): The track was produced by the ever-reliable American music producer Metro Boomin.
  • Album: This is the first track featured on Offset 2019 debut solo album, he also titled Father of 4. The songs “Red Room” and “How Did I Get Here” also appear on this album.
  • Release Date: The song was released on 22 February 2019.
  • Record Label: Quality Control Music, Motown and Capitol Records are the record labels through which this song was released.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: Offset’s four children – Kulture, Jordan, Kody and Kalea – were all birthed by different mothers.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: Prior to “Father of 4”, Offset and Big Rube had never teamed up to work any song. This is therefore their first time of collaboration.

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