Offset’s “Don’t Lose Me” Lyrics Meaning

According to this track “don’t lose me” is apparently what Offset’s wife, music superstar Cardi B, tells him when he’s ‘messing up’ in the relationship. And boy has he made his mistakes in the past! Offset often raps about the highly-promiscuous lifestyle that comes along with being a multi-million dollar rapper, and evidently getting married did not result in him being able to immediately forsake these ways. However, based on this track, his intention is to ultimately master the ideologies of being a good husband. So for now, he’s basically apologizing to Cardi and begging for her continued patience.

While one may believe that such sentiments are a bit too personal to put into a mainstream rap song, please note that the relationship between these two has always been highly-publicized. And outside of the marriage itself, the one topic that has dominated this romance during its two years of existence has been rumors of Offset’s infidelity. And while at the end of the day, no one may actually know who this man has had an affair with, these tales were credible enough to have resulted in at least two well-known breakups between he and Cardi. The most recent one being in December 2018, a few months after their baby (who Offset also gives a shoutout too in “Don’t Lose Me”) was born. 

By and large, Offset is using this track to set the record straight and express undying love for his wife, despite errors he may have made in the past. He’s basically telling Cardi he’s sorry for all he’s done to her.

Don't Lose Me Lyrics

Facts about “Don’t Lose Me”

  • This rap was written exclusively by Offset whereas the production was handled by Doughboy Beatz alongside Metro Boomin.
  • “Don’t Lose Me” is the ninth track featured on Offset’s 2019 debut solo album, Father of 4.
  • This track was released on 22 February 2019 through the following labels: Quality Control Music, Motown and Universal Music Group.
  • As of February 2019, the month in which “Don’t Lose Me” was released, there were rumors circulating that Cardi B is pregnant with a second child via Offset.

Did Offset release “Don’t Lose Me” as a single?

No. From the album Father of 4, only one single (“Red Room“) was released. The following songs also appear on this album: “Father of 4“, “How Did I Get Here” and “Legacy“.

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