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“Cap” by KSI (ft. Offset)

The title and theme of this song (“Cap”) is based on KSI’s dislike of dishonest people. Basically he does not like associating himself with liars and fake friends. But as for the verses themselves, they...

Offset and Cardi B

“Clout” by Offset (Ft. Cardi B)

The primary purpose of “Clout” is to serve as the Offset and Cardi B’s attack on gossipers, particularly those who use internet-based mediums – such as blog and social media – to spread rumors...


Offset’s “Don’t Lose Me” Lyrics Meaning

According to this track “don’t lose me” is apparently what Offset’s wife, music superstar Cardi B, tells him when he’s ‘messing up’ in the relationship. And boy has he made his mistakes in the...