Meaning of “Ilomilo” by Billie Eilish

This song is actually named after a popular video game for Windows. However, the track is not about the game. Rather it is loosely based on the game’s plot, which is to reunite two separated friends. In other words, “ilomilo” is based on Billie Eilish’s fear of separation from the person she loves and the desire for him to remain perpetually close to her.

Throughout this track, Billie uses terminology associated with death such as “can’t lose another life” or “friends I’ve had to bury”. Some have speculated that she may be referencing actual deceased friends, such as the late rapper XXXTentacion who passed away in 2018. However, these terms are more likely symbolic of a strong desire not to lose her friend in general and/or Billie referencing subjugating parts of her own personality.

The lyrics show that Billie is indeed anxious and is going out of her way to please the person she is singing to. As aforementioned, this anxiety is based on her being afraid that this person will depart and never return. In fact her fear is so great that she does not want him to leave her company in general.  Moreover, she believes that the love she has to share is incomparable to what he will find in the outside world. And eventually her deep-rooted fear of losing this loved one is not without its foundation since as aforementioned she has lost such people in the past.

"ilomilo" lyrics

Ultimately the song climaxes with the chorus, which seems to express that indeed what Billie dreaded has been realized.  She finds herself alone without her loved one, unaware of his location and seemingly pondering if he will ever return. And her desire for him to “come home” is so strong that she doesn’t even care if he does such under false pretenses.

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  1. anonymous says:

    OK, a little conspiracy hypothesis: The song is written under the influence, knowningly or un-knowingly to Billie, of aliens living among us in the earth. Perhaps the reptilians. The lyrics is written from the perspective of a reptilian, and although the tone is pleading, it is actually threatening.

    It implies that the reptilians do not want human beings to look outward to the universe for other lives. (“what’s your hurry?” “won’t you stay inside (earth)?” “not to get too close to stars”, “They’re (other creatures in the universe) never gonna give you love like ours (reptilians'”).

    They give warnings to what may happen if human beings do not comply. “The friends I’ve had to bury, they keep me up at night.” “I just wanted to protect you, but now I’ll never get to.” “Hurry, I’m worried.” “Where did you go? I should know.”

    If reptilians (or other aliens) ever really exist, what would be an effective way to exert their influence on human beings in a subtle / subconscienous way? Through the pop culture.

  2. me want a cat so bad says:

    i fell so bad…

  3. ilovebilliewithallmyheart says:

    what does she mean by “the worlds a little blurry or maybe its just my eyes”

  4. Patti Giroux says:

    This piece of music is amazing! Someone has died… she is worried. Now she is very nervous of losing another love. And can’t lose another love so close. She doesn’t see how hr life can go on without that love. Changed her forever. Fearful of all that was hers at one time.
    Awaiting her true love to return back into her world again somehow. With a sign of life… even if it’s a lie.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what about “the world’s a little blurry or maybe it’s my eyes”

    • Might Mean says:

      “or maybe it’s my eyes” might mean she’s crying/has tears in her eyes and her vision is blurry but idk that’s my perception

    • kevin milan says:

      idk maybe is because she just worry about something else that you shouldn’t know about her feelings.

  6. anonymous kevin says:

    “or maybe it’s my eyes” might mean she’s crying/has tears in her eyes and her vision is blurry but idk that’s my perception

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