Meaning of “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK

As the title of this song implies, the girls of Blackpink (Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose) have decided to terminate romantic relationships they are in. They no longer see these unions as ideal and as such are putting a foot down to end them, despite the associated emotional discomfort involved.

Indeed at the beginning of the track we find Jennie basically acknowledging that where there is love, there is also heartbreak. She’s basically trying to say that everything has its price, including romance.  And once again, the one she is currently engaged in does not seem to be worth the pain. As such, she’s about to kick love to the curb.

Lyrics of "Kill This Love"

The second verse is sung by Lisa. To some degree, it is kind of difficult to ascertain the sentiment she is putting forth. However, it seems to boil down to something along the lines of some guy is really feeling her, but Lisa herself is not too keen on falling in love.

And based on the choruses, Blackpink obviously have beef with the lover they are singing to. He appears like he may be obnoxious. However, they assure him that not only will he suffer more from the breakup, but also that they need to “kill this love”, once again alluding to a strong desire to end the relationship.

In the fourth verse, they acknowledge that indeed being involved in this romance is having an undesirable affect due to the influence of their lover. However, they also admit that they enjoy each other’s company. But the two of them together “can be dangerous”.

Ultimately breaking up is a sad experience for the girls, one in which they are compelled to ‘hide their tears’. But they are also confident that they will eventually overcome this trial. As such, they have deemed it wiser to “kill this love” before it instead turns around and kills them.


‘Kill This Love’ centers on a toxic romance and how one can deal with its negative consequences. The lyrics speak of the torment a person can face when she is in love with a guy. This may involve emotional and mental abuse. The premise of the song is about finding one’s personality within an avalanche of feelings. When someone is in love, they can so easily forget who they are. More often than not, they will end up relying on their partner for gratification. This can be severely damaging to the person because they are gradually robbed of their individuality. BLACKPINK are urging women to be more assertive in their relationships.  They are encouraging women to terminate their relationships if things get out of hand.

The title ‘Kill This Love’ is an attempt to influence their fans who are facing these issues. It will certainly empower women and girls who are trapped in parasitic cycles of infatuation. 

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  1. vanessa trinh says:

    I thought “lets kill this love” MEANT “lets break up”

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