Meaning of “My My My” by Troye Sivan

“My My My” is a song recorded and performed by the South-African born Australian singer, songwriter and YouTube personality Troye Sivan. The song touches on a number of themes, most notably freedom (liberation), living in the moment, and sexuality.

The song’s lyrics, which are alleged to be about the singer’s boyfriend, tell the story of two people who have romantic feelings for each other but who deny it because they are kind of scared of being vulnerable. However, the pair eventually stop running from each other’s love and hook up.

According to Sivan, the lyrics of “My My My” are about liberation and love. They are about throwing all of one’s inhibition “to the wind” and being present in one’s own body, loving with all of one’s heart, and moving and dancing the way one likes.

In an interview Sivan had on Beats 1 with radio DJ Zane Lowe, the optimistic attitude in the song was inspired by his romantic relationship with American model Jacob Bixenman. FYI: Sivan and Bixenman began dating in 2016.


Lyrics of My My My by Troye Sivan

Facts about “My My My”

  • The track was written by Troye Sivan and three other songwriters: Swedish songwriter and record producer Oscar Görres (also known by the nickname OzGo); American singer and songwriter Leland, who is also known for his work with Selena Gomez; and American singer, songwriter and guitarist James Alan Ghaleb of the thrash metal band Outliar.
  • The song’s production was handled solely by one of its co-writers Oscar Görres (aka OzGo). In addition to his work with Sivan, Görres is also renowned for working with such greats as Maroon 5, Britney Spears, Adam Lambert and Taylor Swift. He has written and produced songs for all these superstars.
  • Aside co-writing the song, Leland also sang the backing vocals on this track.
  • The track was released on January 10th, 2018 as the lead single from Sivan’s second studio album titled Bloom.
  • Sivan performed this track live for the first time 10 days after its official release on the American late-night live TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL).
  • In an interview with, Sivan said he got his inspiration for the song while peeing at the bathroom of a Joe & The Juice in New York. Joe & The Juice is a global coffee and juice chain from Denmark. It is quite similar to America’s Starbucks.
  • According to the song’s co-writer, Leland, the song was written on a day that was both “rainy and gloomy”.
  • The music video of “My My My”, which was directed by music video director, Grant Singer, features adult film actor turned model, Justin Brody (also known as Brody Blomqvist).
  • The song reached number 1 in Belgium. However, on the US Billboard Hot 100, it managed to peak only at the 80th spot. On the UK Singles Chart, it performed much better than it did in the United States, peaking at number 38.


What musical genre is “My My My”?

It can be classified into the following musical genres: Pop, Dance, and Electropop.

Does “My My My” contain any samples?

No, it doesn’t.


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