Troye Sivan’s “The Good Side” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of singer Troye Sivan’s “The Good Side” center purely on an unsuccessful romantic union. And said union is actually between the narrator (Troye) and the addressee. In the song, Troye speaks directly to the addressee (his ex) telling them that he’s to blame for their failed romance. He also uses the opportunity to apologize for all the things he did to mess up their relationship. So all in all, “The Good Side” is undoubtedly a breakup song.

Troye talks about “The Good Side”

In an interview Sivan granted to Zane Lowe shortly after he released this track, he shared with the public some more details about the song’s meaning. He confirmed it is about a failed romantic union he was in. However, unlike the average person who suffers a serious heartbreak and sorrow after a breakup, Sivan didn’t. According to him, he actually found himself “on the good side of things” post breakup. And why? This is because he got to engage in fun things that made him forget about the failed union such as traveling around the world because he was on tour. And furthermore, he was lucky enough to meet and date someone new shortly after the breakup. These are the reasons Sivan titled the song “The Good Side”. He is basically telling the world that he found himself in a better position than his partner after their breakup.

Notwithstanding, he isn’t super happy because he kind of feels sorry for his ex lover who didn’t get out so easily. During his interview with Lowe, he referred to this track as something similar to an apology letter to his former lover.  

Release Date of “The Good Side”

Troye Sivan released this ballad via EMI and Capitol Records in August 2018. It is a track from Sivan’s “Bloom” album. Actually it was the album’s second single to be released from said album following the hit “My My My!

Writing Credits

Sivan wrote this song with five songwriters, including Allie X, Jam City and Leland. Both Allie and Leland also sing background vocals on “The Good Side”.

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