“Take Yourself Home” by Troye Sivan

The lyrics of Troye Sivan’s “Take Yourself Home” find him talking about not wanting to be in the city anymore because he’s so tired of it. He expresses a really strong desire to leave the city. But exactly where he wants to go isn’t clearly stated. What is abundantly clear is that he wants to make his way to a place that is not only pretty but also very welcoming.

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Apparently the city in which he finds himself is causing him so much depression due to it not being beautiful and welcoming. And for some reason he anticipates he’d meet his demise there. And the last thing he wants happening to him is dying in the cold bosom of the city. He’d rather die somewhere else – “somewhere pretty”. And this place where he hopes to be and die might be what he refers to as “home”.

Lyrics of "Take Yourself Home"

Why does the city kindle so much fear and depression in the narrator?

The song was released in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic (which forced countless cities all over the world to go on lockdown). And it is apparent that this is what is making the narrator not like the big city anymore as it is deserted, depressing and extremely dangerous.

Actually in talking about the song, Sivan revealed that it was inspired by the current happenings around the world.

Troye Sivan talks about what “Take Yourself Home” is about

Sivan has described this song as something more like “a pep talk” with oneself and where one comes from. He further stated that the lyrics are about grappling with “your place in the world”. According to him, “Take Yourself Home” happens to be one of his favorite self-penned songs.

Troye Sivan talks about the meaning of "Take Yourself Home"

Facts about “Take Yourself Home”

Sivan released this song against the plans of his management on April 1, 2020. Upon its release, it became Sivan’s first new release of 2020. Prior to that, his last release was his collabo with Lauv titled “I’m So Tired…” (which came out in early 2019).

Sivan used the money meant for the song’s official music video to assist freelancers struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He made the revelation via his official Instagram account.

Troye Sivan

Sivan composed this song with help from the following songwriters/producers:

  • Tayla Parx
  • OZGO (also exclusively produced the track)
  • Leland

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