Meaning of “The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme” by The 1975

“The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme” is the title of a song released by The 1975 in 2018. This song is about the ultimate irony between using the internet to fulfill social needs only to ultimately find one’s self alone anyway.

The subject of this song is a man who is basically an addict to the World Wide Web. The genesis of this compulsion seems to be the fact that he was lonely. However, it reaches a point where even when he’s in direct contact with other human beings, he still relies on the internet.

It would be easy for listeners of this track to be like ‘that’s not me.’ However, the 1975’s critique can be widely interpreted.  For instance, when they talk of the subject sharing his personal details with the internet, this does not necessarily have to refer to social-media posts. Instead it can be a reference to his interaction with a penpal, as in through conventional email, who he is closer to than anyone he’s in actual physical contact with.

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