“Mind Is a Prison” by Alec Benjamin

As the title suggests, this song is based on the idea of the singer asserting that his “mind is a prison”. More specifically, he feels trapped by his own thoughts. And the implication is that said thoughts are not of the positive variety. As such he ‘wishes that he could escape’ and apparently has made attempts to do so. 

However, “they” caught him and ‘put him back in his cell, all by himself’. Now who “they” are is not specified. But obviously “they” would be an allusion to, once again, his own mind. So viewed comprehensively, this song can be considered to be centered on the overall futility of a person trying to escape their own mind. 

Indeed by the time the bridge rolls around, Alec has come to the conclusion that he is “never going to escape”. Yet he has not ‘given up on hope’ and will keep striving to realize a better day. So we can say that, all things considered, the track serves as a metaphor pointing to the idea of the singer embarking on the extremely-difficult task of trying to change his mindset.

Lyrics of “Mind Is a Prison”

Release Date of “Mind is a Prison”

This song was released, unassociated with any particular album, on 12 December 2019.

Writing Credits

“Mind Is a Prison” was written by Alec Benjamin.

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