“Last of Her Kind” by Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin’s song “Last of Her Kind” is filled with high-ended, poetic metaphors. In the song, Alec is singing about a romance primarily from a third-person perspective. However, at the beginning of the track he does start off as if it is he himself who is involved. And it seems that in this particular case the male abused the female, as in took advantage of her love.

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So it has “been 17 days… 20 hours and 30 minutes” since they broke up. Alec uses that minute calculation to illustrate the fact that the male in this relationship is still very-much vested in it emotionally. He was so into the relationship that he remembers the moment they broke up down to the second, in realtime. 

And what the singer seems to be telling this brokenhearted person is not to harp on the past. Because if he does so, it is only going to remind him of the special woman he left behind, whom Alec refers to as “the last of her kind”, as in a one-of-a-kind lady.

Lyrics of "Last of Her Kind"

Did Alec Benjamin write this song by himself?

Yes, he did. Actually, he is the sole writer of “Last of Her Kind”.

Release Date of “Last of Her Kind”

Alec dropped this track on July 9th, 2017.

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  1. Peter says:

    Nightmares Are Real – YBN Cordae + Pusha T.

  2. M says:

    The song writer of this song was actually Julie Frost

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