“Oh My God” by Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin’s “Oh My God” is based on a general sense of disassociation the singer is suffering from. It may be interpreted that he was cast into this unenviable state via his celebrity. But more pointedly he has come to regret certain life choices he has made, as they have resulted in him losing touch with who he truly is. 

Indeed the title of this track is an exclamation which in this particular case represents the singer’s grievance that he ‘can’t remember who he was’ just a short time ago, with that expression being more symbolic than literal. 

So conclusively he is putting two primary sentiments across. One is that, as aforementioned, he has come to realize that he made serious mistakes in his life’s journey, as said decisions have apparently led to isolation and other unfavorable results. And second is that he does in fact want to find his way ‘home’ again. What this means is that he wants to remember who he was before he cast himself into this state of unrest.

Lyrics of "Oh My God"

Facts about “Oh My God”

Alec Benjamin wrote “Oh My God”. It appears on his 2020 debut album, which is entitled “These Two Windows”.

The song itself was released on 13 February, 2020.

It came out as one of the singles released from “These Two Windows”. Also, it holds the distinction of being the second single Benjamin released in the year 2020. The first for the aforementioned year was “Demons”.

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