“Miss You” by Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz

The implication in the case of “Miss You”, all lyrics considered, is that the vocalist is addressing a toxic lover. It isn’t directly specified in what way exactly she is mistreating him. But as implied, he is dealing with the type of partner who, most simply put, tends to diss him not only in word but also in treatment. 

It also reads as if the addressee is such that she constantly threatens to leave him or what have you. And judging by the way in which verb tenses are used throughout this piece (especially in the chorus), it may even be that her currently abandoning him is what has caused Oliver Tree to go on this tirade.

Anyone who has dealt with the kind of lover described above would probably attest to the fact that such individuals aren’t abusive 24/7. They may be more of the breakup-then-makeup variety. This would be the kind that act stink whenever they’re in the mood and feel as if they can feign abandonment at will.

In other words, even though the addressee has apparently left the vocalist, Oliver is clearly under the impression that she will promptly rematerialize nonetheless. But as for the thesis sentiment, he is telling homegirl not to even bother. This is because he has firmly decided that he can no longer tolerate mistreatment via her actions and words. 

So it would be better if she left him alone for good, is what Oliver is saying. And as for her air of self-importance, he is further telling the addressee “don’t fret” as, contrary to what she may believe, he will very much be able to go on without her.


So in essence this is a type of song we come across quite regularly, i.e. a vocalist concluding that his romance with an abusive lover can – for the sake of his own wellbeing – no longer go on. But what makes this outing different is that usually the singer would get quite emotional in the process, as if he does not want a breakup to transpire. 

And whereas such a sentiment may be sorta inferred in this case, more overtly Oliver Tree does a solid job of convincing the listener that he really doesn’t want anything to do with the addressee furthermore.

Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz, "Miss You" Lyrics

Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz

Oliver is an American alternative artist who has been in the game since the early 2010s. Robin, on the other hand, is a DJ from Germany. He has been professionally active for about the same amount of time as Oliver. 

Release of “Miss You”

“Miss You” was released formally on 5 August 2022. It is the first officially collaboration between Oliver and Robin.


“Miss You” is actually the remix of a song Oliver Tree put out in 2020 called “Jerk”. And in some circles this remix is credited to Southstar, another musician from Germany. But more officially, Southstar is recognized as the producer of Oliver and Robin’s version “Miss You”. 

The official writers of this song are:

  • Oliver Tree
  • David Pramik
  • Marshmello

Oliver, David and Marshmello are the same trio who composed “Jerk”.

Controversy surrounding “Miss You”

If the above sounds a bit perplexing then, dear reader, you are not alone. There is actually a bit of legal confusion, if you will, surrounding who is actually responsible for this song. 

As the story goes, Southstar, an up-and-comer, originally dropped “Miss You”. And the first mistake he made was not getting official permission to do so beforehand. So by the end of the day, Robin Schulz’s official version of “Miss You” alongside Oliver Tree is almost identical to Southstar’s remix and is recognized as a cover of it.

The way Southstar explained the situation is akin to him and Schulz originally working on the remix together. However, somewhere along the line Robin decided to steal it as his own. It seems that many fans have sided with Southstar since, to reiterate, he is an up-and-comer. As of the editing of this article, he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. However, Schulz’s has already been nominated for a Grammy and what have you. 

Indeed, it has been pointed out that concurrent with this track blowing up, Southstar is still holding down his day job, working at a supermarket in Berlin. 

But as for Atlantic Records, the label behind “Jerk” and subsequently “Miss You”, they have sided with the Schulz since, after all, his version was dropped with their official backing. Atlantic has further noted the Southstar tried to circumvent compensating the rightful owners of “Jerk”. According to them, he tried doing so by re-recording the vocals for “Miss You”. 

So as it currently stands, it is Schulz (and Tree) who’s truly reaping the benefits of this remix blowing up.

Miss You

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