“Killer (Remix)” by Eminem, Cordae & Jack Harlow

This track is entitled “Killer”, with Eminem using the original version of the song to personify his murderous Slim Shady alter ego. And the associated spazzings served as metaphors alluding to how he is superior to other emcees. That is also how he primarily utilizes his verse on this remix, by pointing to how dangerous of a rapper, i.e. potent and successful a lyricist, he is.

But that established, said passage isn’t anything we would classify as extraordinary compared to other raps in his catalog where he approaches a song in a similar manner. So what actually comes to the forefront is the various rappers and what have you whom he namedrops

Carter III and Cardi B

And going down the line he first gives a shoutout to “Carter III”, comparing his own hardness to that of said album which Lil Wayne dropped in 2008. Then he flat-out mentions another popular rapper, Cardi B. In mentioning her name, he compliments her body in a roundabout manner to let it be known that women, like “your thottie”, “be stalking” him.


Later in the verse Eminem mentions Proof, his former D12 homey who had Em’s back from day one. Proof (1973-2006) got into a spontaneous beef in 2006 which resulted in him being murdered at the age of 32. And what Eminem is saying in that regard is that he considers said incident the only “L”, i.e. loss, that he’s ever experienced in his life.

Debbie Mathers

However in the following line the rapper does admit that he “got served” once. And that was when his own “Ma”, Debbie Mathers, filed a lawsuit against him in 1999. And in resorting to the Slim Shady of old, he arguably goes on to refer to her as a “bi*ch”, though he doesn’t do so as directly as in times past.

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

Perhaps the most-notable namedropping occurs when Eminem mentions that he’s “cool” with “Snoop”. Said “Snoop” would of course be Snoop Dogg, whom Marshall got into a bit of a tiff with a few months prior to this remix being released. 

So it’s like now we know officially that there’s no beef between the two superstar rappers. And relatedly Em mentions Dr. Dre, i.e. the individual who was responsible for launching both his and Snoop’s career.

Em’s Feud with Nick Cannon

And whereas Eminem doesn’t actually mention Nick Cannon – whom he got into a very-personal verbal conflict with about a year ago – he does allude to their feud in a certain line about a chauffeur. But thankfully he doesn’t do so in a manner which is likely to re-spark their beef. 

Music to Be Murdered By

And later, before closing out the verse, Slim also gives a shoutout to his own album, Music to Be Murdered By (2020), aka “the M-T-B to the M-B”. And overall, as put forth earlier, throughout it all the rapper is basically biggin’ up himself. He is doing so especially in terms of his lyrical skills and the perks that have come with possessing such a talent.

Lyrics of "Killer (Remix)"

Jack Harlow and Cordae

And no, we haven’t forgotten about Jack Harlow and Cordae. But they don’t require as much attention because, simply put, their verses are more standard hip-hop braggadocio, particularly pointing to their success as rappers. 

However, Jack does drop a particularly notable line by referring to Eminem as his “idol”, having grown up listening to Shady, which is understandable considering that he was born right around the time Em first blew up.


So conclusively, what we have here is a dual-themed rap song. On Eminem’s part, the focus is on his lyrical proficiency and various celebrity-related musings. But as far as the other two vocalists, they’re more concerned with riches and being a celebrity as is. And perhaps taking such an approach is logical considering that they have yet to establish themselves in a way that Eminem has.

Eminem's Killer

Facts about “Killer (Remix)”

It’s been almost a year since we’ve reviewed new music from Eminem, that being his 2020 collaboration with Kid Cudi, “The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady“, which came out in June of said year. Earlier in 2020 Em dropped an album entitled “Music to be Murdered By” upon which the original “Killer”, as a solo joint, was released.

The remix however involves two other rappers, Jack Harlow and Cordae, not as featured artists but rather co-headliners. And to note this is the first time that either one of them – both of whom were born after Eminem had already initiated his music career in the mid-1990s – have teamed up with Slim Shady.

This remix officially came out, via Eminem’s own Shady Records, on 28 May 2021. And the rapper had first teased it a day prior, on 27 May.

The three aforementioned vocalists wrote this song in conjunction with Ezemdi Chikwendu and D.A. Got That Dope. And that latter artist also produced the track.

Eminem’s long-time musical collaborator, Luis Resto, plays the keyboard on this song.

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