“Lie To Me” by Tate McRae & Ali Gatie

“Lie To Me” basically talks about a person who feels betrayed by his or her loved one. The song starts with a lady who has the impression that her lover is cheating on her and hiding it from her. She makes him aware that she has gotten the information somewhere but wants a confirmation from her boyfriend. In the chorus, she reminds him of some promises he’s made in the past and questions why there has been a change in his behavior now. The lady further tries to explain to her lover that if something goes wrong in their relationship, then she shouldn’t be the one to be blamed because the guy “was the one lyin’ all along”.

Release Date

This song, which features Canadian rapper, Ali Gatie, was released in October 2020 as part of Tate McRae’s second studio project.

Writing of “Lie To Me”

The song was composed by Ali and Tate with support from at least 6 other writers.

In her remarks, McRae described the writing process for the song as “crazy” after disclosing that they had to use FaceTime to connect to each other during the quarantine period which came as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Actually they wrote the entire song using the aforementioned platform. Simply put, they never physically met while writing the song.

Is this Tate’s first collaboration with Ali Gatie?

Yes. According to Tate, she has always been a fan of Ali’s music. Therefore working with him was an “amazing experience” for her.

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