“Can’t Lie” by Ali Gatie

Ali Gatie’s “Can’t Lie” sees the narrator addressing an ex who, succinctly put, does not seem to love him as much as he does her. Or to put it differently, she is not necessarily the best partner for him. However, this does not negate the fact that he still loves her, and this song is based on his longings for her to return.

Thus he compares life to “a movie” and “a book” and uses a lot of applicable, colorful metaphors to express his feelings for her. What these lines boil down to is Ali loving her very much and perceiving her as a more or less necessary part of his existence. 

Indeed Gatie asserts that he “would never leave” her. However, the reality is that she has “(done) him wrong”. Moreover it would appear that she is not interested in getting back with him. So ultimately the singer has to admit that falling in love with her was not the wisest thing he has ever done. Hence the song’s title “Can’t Lie”.

Quick Facts

  • Ali Gatie dropped “Can’t Lie”, which was produced by longtime collaborator Shumxi, on 18 January 2018.
  • Shumxi has produced a number of Ali Gatie’s tracks, including “Without You” (2018), “Change” (2018) and “Wildin’” (2017).
  • “Can’t Lie” was entirely penned by Gatie.

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