“This Is Me Letting You Go” by Lukas Graham

Lukas is using “This Is Me Letting You Go” to address a romantic interest who, under his estimation, has done him dirty. For instance, he seems more or less convinced that she has cheated on him. The addressee also let it be known that she’s not as serious about their relationship as he is, and when he was heartbroken due to her actions, she was not moved. Furthermore, the situation is such that he can’t really relate to her.

Additionally, what’s being implied is that she already committed an act along the lines of dumping Lukas but now, being in her feelings for whatever reason, is trying to get him back. Meanwhile, in his mind, it’s like she’s completely spoiled a good thing. For as illustrated, there was a time when he was even considering starting a family with her. But now to him such an aspiration is a no-no, as she has already proven herself grimy or less-than-ideal otherwise.

"This Is Me Letting You Go" Lyrics

Song Details

Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album/EP
20th January, 2023 Lukas Forchhammer
Brandon Beal
Jake Torrey
Jeff Gitelman
Jeff Gitelman“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)
This Is Me Letting You Go

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