“Home Movies” by Lukas Graham and Mickey Guyton

The explanation Lukas Graham offered to his song “Home Movies” doesn’t particularly make understanding it much easier. Let’s say a listener would likely be challenged in deriving his interpretation based solely on the lyrics.

For instance, this song opens up as if it is a love song. But according to Lukas, what we’re dealing with here is a lot more existential than that. 

As for the choruses, what they actually speak to is how each of us are shaped by our own distinct, respective pasts. So the “home movies” referenced would be the likes of private video recordings whereupon one’s personal life has been documented. Or more succinctly put, the title is more or less a synonym for the past.

And as relayed in the bridge, it isn’t such that all memories are flattering ones. Yet and still, even prior disappointments contribute to who we are today. So perhaps we can conclude this analysis by saying that what Lukas and Mickey Guyton are really trying to get at is an argument like people shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves or what they’ve gone through in the past. 

And going back to Graham’s explanation of this piece, that would be due to the notion that it’s overcoming past challenges which make us individually unique as human beings.

Lyrics to "Home Movies"
Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album/EP
13th Jan, 2020David LaBrel
Nicolle Galyon
Markus Artved
“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)

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