“Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorius

Remember that Jacob Sartorius was but a lad when he dropped (as well as wrote) “Sweatshirt”. So its lyrics are quite innocent as far as romance track go these days.  Indeed the singer is respecting the fact that the addressee, his romantic interest, wants to take things slow. So instead of rushing for instance trying to score a kiss, he wants her to ‘wear his sweatshirt’ instead. And to him doing so is not only symbolic of their friendship but also his intention to “be together [with her] ’til the end”. Indeed in the process he assures her that she is the only girl who makes him feel this way.

“Sweatshirt” Facts

“Sweatshirt” holds the distinction of being the first song teenaged internet star Jacob Sartorius ever dropped. In fact at the time it came out he was only 13 years old.

Moreover Sartorius wrote this song himself. And it was produced by a label called T3 Music Group. They not only put “Sweatshirt” out but also the overall musical project it is featured on, “The Last Text EP”.

Below are other notable tracks from the project in question:

This track did its job of successfully introducing Sartorius to the music scene, as it not only made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 but also the Canadian Hot 100.

The music video to this track features an actress named Luna Blaise. Unfortunately it holds the distinction of being one of the most-disliked videos in the history of YouTube, with nearly an 80% dislike percentage and earning itself 2,200,000 dislikes (compared to approximately 760,000 likes) as of late 2020.

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