“Hot Shower” Chance the Rapper (ft. DaBaby & MadeinTYO)

Chance the Rapper’s “Hot Shower” has been described as a braggadocio track, and in general that is true. For instance, Chance’s first verse is based on his greatness. And in their respective verses, DaBaby and especially MadeinTYO harp on the fact that they are paid.

But this song differs from your standard boast rap in two significant regards. One is that it features Chance the Rapper, who is perhaps the most-colorful lyricists in the game. That is to say that few other rappers can make an entertainer metaphor about arguing over paying a “50 extra cents for barbecue” sauce at McDonald’s. Second is that near the end of his verse and into the interlude, DaBaby’s lyrics take on a heavily-racial, even arguably controversial tone. And the idea he is putting forth is that, within the context of ‘American’ society, he is expected to portray himself as a rowdy ‘thug’.

Meaning of “Hot Shower”

The song’s title comes from the first line of the chorus where Chance exclaims “hot damn, hot water, hot shower”. And it does not seem to allude to anything in particular outside of the notion that the rappers are “hot”, as in having a very-exciting lifestyle. Indeed that is the overall sentiment this song is relaying, that these rappers are chilling and in their own unique ways living it up.

So all things considered, it may be safe to conclude that Chance the Rapper is the x-factor in this song.  For not only are his lyrics unorthodox but due to such DaBaby is also given a license to explore unconventional territory.

Release Date of “Hot Shower”

Chance the Rapper released “Hot Shower” himself. He released it as part of his first studio album, The Big Day, on 26 July 2019.

Song’s Creation

 This track was produced by Chance the Rapper and Smoke Ono. The two of them also contributed to its lyrical composition alongside DaBaby and MadeinTYO.

Did Chance release “Hot Shower” as a single?

 No. His The Big Day album wasn’t supported or accompanied by any singles.

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